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Physical And Emotional Healing With Mother Earth

The Grandparents say that when we are born Mother Earth gives each of us 450 grams of Earth and as our life goes by that Earth is spent. When those 450 grams of Earth are used up we die, and that Earth that was given to us at birth returns to its Source.

When we suffer some emotional trauma, physical accident, chronic illness, intense pain and suffering, we lose a little of that Earth, that is to say, return to our Mother Earth early.

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Healing Of The 7 Body Energy Bands “Chakras”

In the Andean Cosmovison, the human body has 7 energy centers, known as "ñahuis" eyes. Each "ñahui" represents an animal and cosmic power. For the ancestral priests of the Andes, they are not wheels or discs called chakras, but balance points surrounded by bands or ribbons named “chumpies."

These belts or bands surround the body as hugs, as if they were living tissues, vibrant bands.



Healing Your Heart With The Divine Power Of The Condor

In Andean Culture, the Condor symbolizes “Hanan Pacha”, the World from Above, in which everything is "sami" refined energy. As an ancestral symbol it has a difference with the Eagle, the Condor is scavenger, because the Condor does not hunt or kill, its job is to transform the densest energy of all, that of corpses, carrion, “piggy bank” into subtle energy and fine, "sami."

Their claws are not made to catch or hold, but to release the stagnant, their eyes are not frontal like those of the hunting birds, but lateral, towards the sides to see the reality in all its magnitude.



Opening Your Spiritual Path With The Sacred Rainbow

In the Andean Tradition, “Mama K’uichi” or Mother Rainbow, is an energy of the Sacred Feminine. It is a living Bridge that communicates the 3 Pachas: "Hanan Pacha" - world from above or celestial, "Kay Pacha" - earthly world from here-now, and "Ucju Pacha" - world from below or underworld.

The Rainbow is the Great Bridge - a Staircase between Heaven and Earth, and every essence of its colors are healing energies and living forces which hold an ancient healing secret.




Purifying Your Organs and Cells With the Blessed Violet Light

Since ancient times, mystics and spiritual seekers have claimed that the Violet Light is the Energy of God, and have used this miraculous spiritual energy of love and mercy to accelerate their spiritual development.

We know from some saints who experienced this secret flame that our soul and our spirit were impregnated with this Intelligent Energy. We are bearers of the Violet Light and from it we receive unconditional love, mercy, wisdom, understanding and intelligence.