Distant Healings

Distance Healing is usually for your friends, relatives or loved ones who are not willing to ask for help for themselves, but it is also for all those people who cannot visit us.

With God’s permission, we invoke God's Forces of Light, Archangels, Angels and Spiritual Guides to intercede in these Healings and remove any darkness, despair, wounds, anger, resentment, sadness, negative thoughts, all witchcraft, spells, incantations, and all dark forces that are not God’s Will.

Most importantly, we implore God to help this person to forgive all those who have hurt and damaged him, to leave the past behind and to forgive himself, to love and open his heart and his mind to see the Truth and to follow what is right for him.

To perform this Healing, we need you to send us by text message or email the following information: the full name of the person who will receive the Healing, date of birth, a photograph, and what you are asking God for your friend or relative.



Call 202-368-5069 or 858-336-1901

Distant Healings   $100