30 Day Detox Plan After A Spiritual Healing

Here are a few suggestions that will help you in your Healing Process, do your best to follow them, especially the first week.

Pray to God in your own way. If you do not pray, just have a conversation from your heart, with gratitude and thankfulness to Him.

Repeat: I have the gift of forgiveness, I choose to forgive everyone who has hurt me from the day I was born, my mother, my father, my brothers and sisters, my family, my friends and all my relationships, I choose to bless you and I choose to forgive you In the Holy Name of Jesus Christ, I thank you for the lessons I have learned I don´t need them anymore, I choose to be free, I choose to fly like an eagle this is good for me, I love myself, I forgive myself, I accept myself.

Allow any feelings or emotions to flow. Do not bring any judgment of right or wrong, for yourself or for others. If a negative thought enters your mind, stop it and say: “NO! These thoughts are no longer useful to me.”

Avoid negative television, movies depicting violence, computer games, news, loud music, and offensive language. Avoid consuming red meat for the first 3 days. Avoid hot peppers, caffeine, alcohol, and drugs. Drink plenty of water. Vitamin supplements and minerals greatly help your physical body. You should also exercise, walk, move or dance so that all the negative energy flows out.

Take a bath of Epsom Salt after the first week of healing. This bath will help clear your energy field of all that is being released. Use 1 cup of Epsom salt and soak for 10 minutes. Make sure that the water covers your entire body. During this bath, emotions or feelings will come to you, even physical aches and pains. Do not question them, just keep in mind that something is coming out that you no longer need.  Give thanks to God and let it go. Just have one Epsom bath in the entire month.

During the following weeks, you may also experience a deeper connection with God, more love for yourself and others, inner peace, joy, and happiness. Each person is different. Some feel nothing because they have created many protective layers over the years in order not to feel or face certain emotions; others feel very much. Just trust that much of the healing is being done.

You may also experience a few of these symptoms: You will feel very emotional and you will start to cry for no reason. Your head may feel heavy. This is part of what is being released from you. You will feel aware that someone is massaging or working on you. Do not fear or else, you can stand in the way of the Spiritual Helpers who are healing you. You may have headaches, an upset stomach; you will feel sick and cold, and very fatigued. Please, allow yourself to feel all these discomforts; just let them go with gratitude and thankfulness. Listen to what your body needs. Rest, surround yourself with the love of God and stay in harmony with yourself. This will help contribute to your well-being.

If you have any concerns or you have some doubts, feel free to call me. I leave you with this prayer, which you may repeat as many times as necessary. It will help you to maintain your Faith and Trust.

The past is forgiven and forgotten, I love you God, I thank you God, I am in the Jesus Christ consciousness, I talk like Jesus Christ, I act like Jesus Christ, I am Perfect in Body, Mind and Spirit, I have no limitations, I am here, there and everywhere, I am one with everything, I am one with my Father God, I love you God, I need you God, every choice I make is with God´s guidance, I believe and I have faith in Jesus Christ, God open my eyes, that I see my Truth, I love you God! Amen

Please allow this Healing to take place during 30 days. I do not recommend that you attend other types of energetic experiences or Healings such as: acupuncture, reiki, card reading, reading, aura readings, ayahuasca ceremonies, peyote, etc., to name a few.

Note: You must know that this is a healing process and not a magical act that will eliminate all the problems that afflict you. A single healing will help you a lot, plus you should do your bit and do the best you can for yourself on your personal healing journey.