Healing Of The Sexual Area And Closure Of The Pelvic Joint

Sacroiliac joint syndrome is a common cause of severe pain in the lower back (lumbar area) and can be treated through a Pelvic Joint Closure Healing.

Women tend to be affected more often than men because they tend to have more flexibility of their ligaments and this causes them to loosen up and cause a lot of back pain. During pregnancy the released hormones increase the loosening of these pelvic ligaments and there is a greater possibility of miscarriage.

Men can also suffer from strains of the sacroiliac joints, often caused by lifting heavy objects or performing incorrect stretching exercises.

These joints of the sacrum can become inflamed, and when inflamed, cause a lot of pain in the lower back and glutes. The pain manifests or worsens considerably during simple activities such as climbing stairs, walking with very long steps and even standing for a long time.

Firstly we will spiritually cleanse your ovaries, womb, and sexual area to alleviate sexual traumas, damage or issues due to failed or terminated pregnancies, and remove sexual imprints left by previous partners.

Second, we will cleanse and aligns your chakras to help you manifest the conditions that you want in your life.

Third we perform Guasa, a therapeutic treatment that involves scraping and extending the skin in your abdominal area, and around your joints and between your bones to improve your blood circulation. It is an ancient way to treat diseases and it can also be used to promote general health and wellbeing. 

Finally we will perform a closing of the body, which assists with physical back pain. 

The healing time of a damaged ligament is between 4-6 weeks. With Closure Healing, it will normally be aligned and heal faster, but it is important to remember that the ligaments will not heal completely, even though the pain may have disappeared in the first Healings.


Pay For A Distant Healing Of The Sexual Area And Closure Of The Pelvic Joint

Pay For A Distant Healing Of The Sexual Area And Closure Of The Pelvic Joint

In-Person Session Cost $200

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