My name is Robin Thompson and I work as an Instrument of God to bring you profound and lasting healing that can change your life.

My spiritual path began in 2005 when I set out to heal my addictions and the profound loneliness and confusion I had felt since I was a child.

After exactly five years of searching, and through what I can only call the intervention of God, I received my first healing in the mountains of Austria. The experience was profound and the results were amazing. Soon after I knew that my true purpose was to bring this beautiful work to everyone.

After receiving my foundation from my first teacher in Europe I met Shaman Victor Barron, a spiritual teacher whose gift is to accelerate the growth of healers so they can help humanity. 

And the last nine years have been an intensely beautiful path of training, healing, cleansing, and awakening that has changed everything. 

I look with gratitude on the impact this work has made on every area of my life. Now I work in partnership with my beautiful wife Lili, a very gifted natural born healer with whom the balance of life is in perfect equilibrium.

Today my purpose is to rid you and your living space of the strong negative energies and darkness that are blocking your life.

When I do this I get to see the same growth and healing that has happened for me manifest in you.

To be able to do this work is a gift from God, and I look forward to sharing it with you.