LILI LA CURANDERA DE OAXACA, is what people call me. I am a Natural Born Spiritual Healer, Clairvoyant and Psychologist. At the age of seven, I began healing others while helping my mother in Oaxaca, México. To this day God has allowed me to help thousands of people around the word.

I graduated from the University with a degree in Social Psychology over twenty-nine years ago, later, I studied Psychoanalysis and began mastering the areas of Sociology and Medicine, however, over the years, I began to feel attracted by all those modalities ranging from relaxation techniques, meditation, past life therapy to energy healing techniques.

It was there that I realized what so many people used to tell me and I insisted on denying unequivocally, I was born with the gift of Clairvoyance and Healing, spiritual gifts that God gave me and allowed me as a child to see and know beyond what is humanly comprehensible with our senses.

I was not wrong that day when I chose my college career, being a Psychologist allowed me to help many people, but my help was limited, now I completely feel that I have the ability to provide real help because I have the right tools to do so,

Now I am proud of my gifts and feel privileged because I have been blessed by God, to make me his Healing Instrument. I have been also given the Blessing to be the medium to remove all types of negativity ranging from spells to all kinds of witchcraft of a lower vibrational frequency level; through a unique gift from God that allows me to take toxins or negativity from people who are receiving the healing and purging them through my body in the form of burping or vomit, all credit for this beautiful gift and way of healing belongs to God.

I have had the opportunity to meet, be blessed, and work with other healing teachers such as Shaman Victor Barrón, High Priests Maria Apaza Machaca, "The only female Altomisayoc in The Q'ero Nation”, from the Andean mountains of Peru, Alejandro Apaza, The Last Great Master " Inca Chumpi Paqo Cóndor Andean"' in the Andean Tradition.

And so, what people told me over the years has come to pass: A Medicine Woman, you’ll always be. You cannot deny what you are because you were born that way.