Spiritual Healing

Welcome we are Robin Thompson and  Lili La Curandera de Oaxaca  we offer you Spiritual Healing in the Washington, DC, Virginia, and Maryland metropolitan area, and anywhere else in the world via phone or skype.

The Spiritual Healings that we offer are: Spiritual Healing, Traditional Shamanic Healing, Distant Healing, Healing of the Sexual Area and Closure of the Pelvic Joint, Healing Harmony Tok Sen, Emotional Advice and Home And Business Cleansing, and we can do them in person or at a distance,

We also host regular Spiritual Healing Classes and Meditations, and Healer Training.

If you are interested in receiving a Spiritual Cleansing, you should know a Healing is that Spiritual Force that will help you open a faucet that you have not used for many years. You are going to observe that the water that runs in the beginning is dirty. This dirty water represents all your emotional traumas, fears, phobias, anxieties, worries, negative thoughts, addictions, hatreds, witchcraft, curses, spells, diseases, physical pains, etc. that have accumulated inside of you.

As the Healing continues, you will notice that the water becomes clearer little by little, the more you let it run, the more you surrender to God, the water will become clearer as you offer less resistance to His Love.

You must know that this is a healing process and not a magical act that will eliminate all the problems that afflict you. A single healing will help you a lot, plus you should do your bit and do the best you can for yourself on your personal healing journey.

If you want a Spiritual Healing or have any questions, call 202-368-5069 or 858 336-1901 or contact us here


Traditional Shamanic Healing

This type of Healing will help you remove many mental blocks, emotional traumas from childhood, behavioral patterns, fears, phobias, and physical pains that have been keeping you from feeling emotionally free.

To carry out this Shamanic Healing, we use different natural ingredients such as fresh flowers, cactus, aloe vera, peppermint, nuts, sweet potatoes, lemons, corn, and honey, among many others. We invoke the help of the Spirit of Nature and the Healing Herbal Balm: rue, albacar and rosemary, to relieve all levels of your body, physical, mental, emotional, and cellular.


Home And Business Cleansing

When we perform energy cleansing on homes, land, or offices, we ask God, the Archangels, Angels and Spiritual Guides to help us sweep, pull and lift all negative and stagnant energies, all witchcraft, spells, incantations, and all the dark forces and spirits from the four corners of the property.

We ask Mother Earth’s assistance to restore the energetic and magnetic lines of the soil, and correctly place the Spiritual Gate of the place. God's blessing will be granted to all who live and work in that place.


Healing of the Sexual Area and Closure Of The Pelvic Joint

Sacroiliac joint syndrome is a common cause of severe pain in the lower back (lumbar area) and can be treated through a Pelvic Joint Closure Healing.

Women tend to be affected more often than men because they tend to have more flexibility of their ligaments and this causes them to loosen up and cause a lot of back pain. Men can also suffer from strains of the sacroiliac joints, often caused by lifting heavy objects or performing incorrect stretching exercises.

The healing time of a damaged ligament is between 4-6 weeks. With Closure Healing, it will normally be aligned and heal faster.


Healing Harmony Tok Sen

Healing Harmony Tok Sen is a traditional treatment from northern Thailand that is about 5,000 years old. In Thai the name Tok Sen means “dissolving of the energy lines”. It is an internal massage of the tendons, ligaments and muscles that moves energy through your body while releasing and opening up your energetic pathways.

This healing also helps you release tendon problems, nerve compression, joint pain, knee pain and muscle pain, and it also gives healing around the abdomen and ribcage to help you dissolve and balance blocked emotions.

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Blessed Herbs For Spiritual Protection

Basil, Rue, and Rosemary are some of the healing herbs that have been born from Mother Earth, and have given us their healing and protection virtues for millennia. These plants are natural absorbents of negative energies.

Each of these sachets have been carefully prepared with this powerful blend of Healing Herbs. We have invoked the help of the Spirit of Nature and Mother Earth to bless them, with the intention of repelling and rejecting all kinds of negativity and dark energies that are close to your energy field and can harm you. In this way, you will be more protected in your daily life and you will attract greater harmony, peace, and well-being that God has created for you.

The Protection provided by these Blessed Herbal Bags will last approximately six months.


Blessed Wristbands For Spiritual Protection

In different cultures the popular belief about the evil eye is quite common. It is usually believed that a person has the ability to cause damage, misfortune, illness, and even death to another just by looking at him/her intentionally; or that it comes from the envy and hatred that person feels toward their "victim," although there are cases in which the evil eye can be produced unintentionally.

One way to prevent and protect oneself from the evil eye is to wear protection to repel this kind of dark and negative energy. These wristbands are specially made to provide that protection to your energy field, each of which has been woven by Indigenous hands in Santo Tomás Jalietza, a town in the state of Oaxaca, México.


Workshops and Healer Training

Every year we are visited by Master Shaman Víctor Barrón, who comes to teach classes, meditations, and train all those who wish to become Healers.

Victor Barron is a natural-born spiritual healer, international lecturer and spiritual leader. God has gifted Victor with full psychic abilities, including: Full and Half Mediumships, Channeling, Clairsentience, Clear Sightedness, Clairvoyance. Bilocation.

He is the author of the Book: Humanity's Spiritual Plague, and has established three schools: The Body, Mind, Spirit Healing Center in Whittier, California; Grandmother Turtle in Vienna, Austria; and My Mind Body Spirit in Bethesda, Maryland.