We offer spiritual healing in the Washington, DC, Virginia, and Maryland metropolitan area, and anywhere else in the world via Skype or telephone

Specifically we provide spiritual healing, shamanic traditional healing (God's way)distant healing, and spiritual home and business clearing. We also host regular spiritual healing classes and meditations, and healer training.

We are instruments of God in all the healing work we do. 

Each healing:

  • Removes a lot of negative energy, negative thinking, and negative emotions from your body's energy system
  • Removes the emotional wounds and traumas that are holding you back in your life, or holding you in unhealthy patterns
  • Helps you feel more like your natural self 
  • Helps you to love and forgive yourself
  • Accelerates your spiritual growth
  • Helps you prevent or recover from physical illness
  • Helps you become happier and healthier and live a richer, more fulfilled life

I hope you find the information you need on this website. To make an enquiry or ask questions, call 703-594-7029 (English), 858-336-1901 (EspaƱol) or contact us here